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Massachusetts Service Employees' Pension -  Plan Summary Page

The Massachusetts Service Employees’ Pension Fund provides pension benefits to eligible members of SEIU 32BJ New England District 615 (formerly SEIU Local 615 (formerly SEIU Local 254)) who are covered under the Maintenance Contractors of New England Collective Bargaining Agreement and meet certain eligibility and entitlement requirements.

Pension benefits provide a guaranteed payment every month when you retire until you die. If you are married when you retire, your spouse may receive monthly payments after you die. Your retirement security depends on three sources of income: your pension benefits, Social Security benefits and your savings.

Deciding when to retire is an important decision, and your Fund is here to help you every step of the way. Contact a Benefit Representative at 617-399-4616 or visit the Pension Fund office during normal business hours.

For a full Description of your Pension Plan, check your Summary Plan Description.

Information About Vesting And Eligibility

If you’ve accumulated five (5) consecutive years of vested service or credited service*, you are eligible to receive a pension from the Massachusetts Service Employees Pension Fund. Generally, if you work 1,000 hours or more in a calendar year you will earn one year of pension credit.

A pension estimate request can be obtained by calling the Pension Department at 617-399-4616.

If you are planning on retiring, please contact the Pension Department before your retirement date. Representatives will walk you through the application process and review your pension options with you.

For Frequently Asked Questions about your Pension Benefits click here.



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