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Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan 401(k) (SRSP)

The Building Service 32BJ Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan (SRSP), the 401(k) plan, provides retirement savings opportunity through employer contributions and/or voluntary employee contributions to eligible members of Local 32BJ.

The SRSP is intended to provide you with savings to supplement your pension benefits and Social Security when you retire. It is also available to you if you become disabled or leave covered employment for more than 180 days. You have an individual account into which your employer contributions and your own pre-tax contributions are deposited. You can choose how you invest in your account with the different funds available in the Plan.

John Hancock manages the investments for your individual account. You can monitor your account and change your investments by going to the SRSP website, , by downloading the John Hancock Retirement app at the App Store or the Google Play Store or by calling John Hancock at 833-388-6466(Spanish: 888-440-0022).

John Hancock also offers online education tools which provide short and practical lessons to help you understand investing and to help you make informed decisions about how to plan for your retirement needs at any stage in your life. Please visit

John Hancock


You can also learn more about the SRSP by attending one of the semi-annual SRSP seminars hosted by the Fund office. The seminars will provide you with information about:

  • Why it is important to save for retirement through the SRSP
  • The SRSP’s investment options
  • The key features of the SRSP
  • How to access and manage your SRSP account
  • How to start contributing to the SRSP
  • The fees associated with the SRSP

The seminars are held during the summer and late fall – the summer seminar is targeted to participants who already have an account balance but may want to learn more about the Plan’s investment options; the winter seminar is open to all 32BJ eligible members. Watch your mailbox for an invitation!

For more specific information about your SRSP benefits, please refer to the Plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD). Be sure to scroll to the end of your SPD for the most recent version of the Summary of Material Modifications ("SMM"). A Summary of Material Modifications ("SMM") describes all the changes and/or clarifications that have been made to the Plan since the printing of the Plan’s current Summary Plan Description ("SPD").



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